Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost Arts of This Generation

There are many things that are slowly being lost in this generation. It may not seem like a bad thing to some, because subsitutes such as the internet, are very productive and a miracle, really.

But don't you wish that some things could be the same? I do. So let's change that.

My blog is in a more cursive style font. Sorry to those of whom it is hard to read. But, I personally write in cursive all the time and am quite shocked to find out that my little siblings aren't even learning it in school. So, spreading the cursive one letter at a time.

I also miss letter writing. Maybe I am somewhat of a romantic sentimentalist, but I find it a refreshing way to contact somebody and really get to know them. And it is so romantic. Anyway, I am writing about two letters a week, maybe more to random friends I have met in the past. Who knows if they will write back? It's always fun to atleast get something in the mail, especially if it is personalized to you. (P.S. If you want to be a pen pal, let me know because I'm totally for that.)

Among other things, I wish that dances were more like dances in the past. Of course, I wasn't in that era so I don't have a first hand experience, but in stories and pictures of the past, they look lovely. I wish to dance with a partner to swing or jazz music, or even slow dance to some classical string quartets. Instead, if I choose to go to a dance, there is just a bunch of rap music and boys who don't have a clue what to do. And it is expensive to buy a fancy dress, especially if you aren't even going to give it justice by really dancing in it. I wish that things could be more like the past era.

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  1. I dislike how people are switching over to E-Readers. I mean sure there convenient I guess but I love books, the smell of the truly old ones, the feel of the vintage 1920's leather encyclopedia set I've got, even the paperback how they have the torn edges, the folded pages the waterlogged ends from dipping it in the bath water. The best part of reading in feeling the book.
    I also really, really dislike how everyone just forgets about all the good things in life, like the other day I was in just walking the street with my friend and all of a sudden he stops grabs me by my waist and no lie starts waltzing me in the middle of the side walk.
    People these days regard reading as if it is a disguise they wish to avoid at all costs, this annoys me to no end. I spend hours online looking for bookstore, spend hours searching for them and then hours searching through them just to find the right book to buy.
    I miss writing letters, handwritten letters, sending them through the mail and receiving new one a week later, I have never done that.
    So I would like to be a pen pal, if you'd like. My E-mail is: